Environmental and social sustainability

Since March 2003, the Bay Plaza Hotel has made a commitment to contribute to the ideal of a clean and green New Zealand. Accordingly, we have established an environmental committee that meets monthly.

Our environmental awareness action plan addresses the following key performance indicators:

  • to encourage and measure the progress of the hotel in obtaining the relevant Earthcheck key performance areas such as waste minimisation, reuse and recycling along with energy efficiency including water, gas and electricity
  • to review current suppliers, with evaluation of their products, services and business environmental policy to match our own or willingness to compromise with a friendly environmental policy similar to our own
  • responsible use of hazardous substances complying with our health and safety policy and safe storage of these chemicals
  • encouragement of walking and use of public transport by all staff during all aspects of their lives, including to and from work.

We are making the Tiaki Promise, a commitment to care for New Zealand, for now and future generations.

The Bay Plaza Hotel displays our environmental policy with other key policies in the hotel, and the environmental action plan is available on request to any interested parties.