Hotel Policy

CHECK-IN TIME: 2:00 pm
CHECK-OUT TIME: 10:00 am

No pets sorry, but guide dogs are welcome.

Our cancellation policy

If your booking is cancelled by 6:00pm one day prior to arrival at the hotel, no charges will incur. If your booking is not cancelled one day prior to the commencement of your stay, we do reserve the right to charge for the equivalent of one night's accommodation. 

If we have received your booking from a third party booking source, contact the company with which you made the booking to discuss the terms of your booking, cancellation and/or refund. 

Payment of accounts

You provide a credit card number as a guarantee for the booking you have made. No payment is charged to that credit card unless requested by you at the time of booking.

If a credit card is not available, a 50% deposit of your entire stay may be required to be sent to the hotel in advance to secure your booking, with the balance being paid on arrival at the Bay Plaza Hotel.

We may require an additional bond payment of up to $200.00 to cover any miscellaneous charges. This amount will be refunded in full on your departure if hotel services were not used.

From Thursday 1st of January 2015 -Please note that for all credit card transactions, a surcharge of 2% applies. Guests may choose to change their method of payment on check-out  to cash or Eftpos as these methods do not attract this fee.


Car parking

Car parking for guests is available at the Bay Plaza Hotel at NZ $20.00 per night. Car parks are limited and cannot be reserved at the time your booking is made.